Introducing”Homestead” Elder Scrolls Online Update 13!

Today ZOS announced “Homestead” which will form the major part of Update 13 for Elder Scrolls Online. It is set to be released in February 2017 on all platforms, and will also be going onto the Public Test Server in January 2017. All the details can be found here including a nifty little video preview of some houses.

There is also an interview on with Creative Director Rich Lambert about Homestead. That can be found here. Some of the highlights include:

“MMORPG: What crafting professions can make furniture, and at what level can someone start making items to place in their house?

RL: All the crafting professions can make furnishings which are themed around the material they use. (i.e. – Woodworking makes wooden things, Provisioning makes wax foods…etc) In addition there are some furnishings that require skill in multiple professions in order to craft. (i.e. – a Dark Elf Full Bed requires Metalworking 4, Tailoring 10 and Woodworking 6)

The most basic crafted items can generally start being made around level 5 in their crafting skill lines (i.e. – 2 points in the passive), so you can craft things pretty early on.”


“MMORPG: You mention that a quest will give everyone their first house. Can you give more detail without spoiling the story?

RL: It’s a pretty simple story intended to teach you how to find a home, how furnishings work and how to place them. Once you complete it, you receive a small inn room to call your own. Additional homes can be purchased in the world with gold once you’ve completed certain achievements.

MMORPG: On that note, when WILL we see the story continued? We all want to know what’s going on with Varen and the rest of the cast since the defeat of Molag Baal.

RL: Something will happen sometime during Update 13 to further that particular storyline. Not going to say when, what or how just yet because… spoilers.”

So, not only are we getting a really in-depth looking housing system, we are getting some form of small continuation of the main story.

Housing has been a much requested feature for The Elder Scrolls Online back since its release in 2014. A lot of other MMO’s have housing systems, and of course one of the best housing systems comes in NCSOFT’s “Wildstar.”

From what we can see so far though, the system appears to have quite a bit of depth to it, and looks like you will be able to spend many happy hours decorating your home to your tastes in Tamriel.

Because, let’s face it, even The Vestige needs a place to rest after a hard day’s adventuring!







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